I was born and raised Willsboro, NY, a small community at the base of the Adirondack Mountains on Lake Champlain. Being part of a large family, upcycled meant hand-me downs. Reuse, recycle and repurpose wasn't trendy it was a way of life. I truly enjoy finding new homes for Vintage items.

In April, 2006 I opened PatternMania on Etsy and listed some of my sewing patterns. To my surprise I was selling left and right. Instead of cutting down on my supply, it has now grown to several thousand patterns and several filing cabinets.

As for my vintage listings - I have many boxes left over from my Ebay days selling as Chalob. I had the good fortune of buying the contents of 2 houses that were packed to the gills. I am trying to move what is left so that my family doesn't have to deal with it later. Check in often, you never know what you may find.